“People want things that are hard to find. Things that have romance, but a factual romance, about them.

I had this proven to me all over again when people actually stopped me in the street (in New York, in Tokyo, in London) to ask me where I got the coat I was wearing.

So many people tried to buy my coat off my back that I started a small company to make them available. It seems everybody (well, not everybody) has always wanted a classic horseman's duster but never knew exactly where to get one.

I ran a little ad in The New Yorker and The Wall Street Journal and in a few months sold this wonderful coat in cities all over the country and to celebrities and to a mysterious gentleman in Japan who ordered two thousand of them.

Well, the coat is magnificent. Simple, functional, handsome, extremely well made, affordable, and, yes, romantic.

I think that giant corporations should start asking themselves if the things they make are really, I mean really, better than the ordinary.

Clearly, people want things that make their lives the way they wish they were.”

J. Peterman